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Jack Riot – Come and Love Me (New song) free mp3 [10 Aug 2009|11:32pm]

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[31 Jan 2007|04:35pm]

The Paisley Bird Mod Boutique
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[22 Jan 2007|11:21am]

The Paisley Bird Mod Boutique

We Make Deals for returning buyers! Just e-mail us...
We're trying to clear out all our items by September!
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[20 Jan 2007|06:49pm]

Genuine 60's vintage auctions. Click over photo to take a look.

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[03 Jan 2007|02:44pm]

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
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[23 Aug 2006|04:37am]

I just created a new 60's fashion community - where you'll find photos and editorials of late-50's and 60's models, actresses, and singers. All you have to do is join!
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[11 Jul 2006|09:23am]

I thought this was the just the place to mention a Pasielybird auction. These suits are just the thing you'd see a beatle wife wearing! (ala Pattie Boyd)

The Paisley Bird Mod Boutique Auctions

Check out My website as well!

Ready-to-Wear Retro Gear! Hand-Selected Vintage Clothing From the Swinging 60s!

Has this community died??
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It's the Way [22 Mar 2006|11:25am]

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Ewa Aulin:
(A bad 60's actress)

Image Hosted by
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Brigitte Bardot:
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Mostly Jane Birkin [05 Jan 2006|05:33pm]

[ mood | hopeful ]

I was introduced to today, and was very pleasantly surprised! While the website did have its expected share of your various people off the street getting naked and suchlike, it also contains a rather impressive classic music video selection! I was introduced to Marc Bolan (not applicable here, I know) and to the French singer Michel Polnareff, back in his earlier, adorable days; and of course one of my long-time favourites- Jane Birkin. I felt like such a stalker, but she's really too beautiful in the video for Je T'Aime Moi Non Plus... Anyway- here are some untutored, but affectionate collages from the screen clips. Awww, they were so great together.

Image Hosted by
Jane BirkinCollapse )

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edie sedgwick icons [22 Dec 2005|07:40pm]

i have some icons to share. i've x-posted them to related communities. they are of edie sedgwick & a couple andy warhol. ♥

-credit iconwaltz
-please do not hotlink or alter

more icons here
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Pamela Des Barres [07 Sep 2005|03:29pm]

For those of you who have been trying to get your hands on Miss Pamela's iconic memoir of the swingin' 60s, *I'm with the Band,* I wanted to let you know that there's a new edition out, with an update from Pamela and a foreword from yummy Dave Navarro. I don't know if it has hit bookstores yet, but you can order it now on Amazon.
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[26 Apr 2005|10:58pm]

Hello everyone, I just want to let you all know about my new community - Wham Bam - I thought some of you might be interested. It is dedicated to the women of the 60's, 70's, and 80's! Please check us out, thanks!

Image hosted by
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[26 Apr 2005|07:39pm]

[ mood | flirty ]

Made this quiz... thought you might like it! click on the link to take it.

You are Marianne Faithfull...
Congratulations! You are my heroine! A singer,
actress, rock star girl-friend and all round
beautiful person, you are also a poster girl
for 60's excess. Due to your blond hair, big
eyes and innocent appearance, you inspire
chivalry in people- they want to take care you.
In reality, however, you are strong and
independent- you do not want to be controlled.
You are ethereal and intense and people find it
hard to know the "real" you. You are
experimental and willing to try anything once.
You are adventourous and people are drawn to
your beauty and magical quality.

You like to be surrounded by beautiful things...
clothes, literature, music, people and have
romantic notions about drugs and decandent
living. Sex, drugs and rock 'n roll, you
started using pot and sleeping with girls at
age 17, by 22 you had slept with 3 Rolling
Stones, countless rock stars and were living on
a wall, shooting up heroin. Times have been
tough but you have survived, you have overcome
many addictions and are still recording today.
You have a strong soul.

Described as having the face of an angel and the
best body in rock music, along with Keith
Richards, you are something of a minor medical

Which Swinging Sixties 60's Chick Are You...? (Detailed results.... with PICTURES!)
brought to you by Quizilla

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Happy Birthday Jane Asher! [05 Apr 2005|01:38am]

[ mood | chipper ]

Hi everyone! I'm new! Haha, anyway, my name is Annika, I'm 23 and I'm a huge admirer of all things 1960s, especially the fashion, the music, and the people. So, for my post, I am here to celebrate the lovely Jane's birthday with you all by bringing fun facts and icons. I have a ton of Pattie Boyd icons as well, which I'll post later. Enjoy!


Today, in 1946, our lovely Jane was born. Wow, nearly 60, as I said when it was Pattie's birthday last month, damn everyone is getting old, haha. But Jane is still as lovely as ever.

Anyway, in celebration of Jane's birthday, here are some fun facts about her:

Facts about JaneCollapse )

I have also made some new icons. First a little tease:

Image hosted by Image hosted by

Jane Asher IconsCollapse )

And as always, the rules:
1. No hotlinking.
2. Credit in Comments or Userinfo.
3. Comment if taking.

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[19 Nov 2004|11:55pm]


I like this poem:

The Perfect Husband
by Ogden Nash

He tells you when you're wearing
Too much lipstick.
And helps you with your girdle
When your hips stick.

The Perfect Husband? Sounds more like the perfect wife! LOL

I have a new vintage obsession I've only recently discovered. It's rather off beat, I suppose. Lately I've been looking to buy vintage girdles. I like the ones from the 60's. They sell fairly well on Ebay, and frankly, I just think they're really cool. Besides, it compliments my vintage stocking obsession rather nicely, I suppose. I've been looking namely in thrift stores. Very few thrift stores, I've noticed, actually sell second hand women's underwear (gee, I wonder why?). Those that do are typically are the larger thrift stores which are charaties to benefit american war verterans-such as DAV and Am-Vets. Those places have no shame! Lately I've been absolutely terrified that somebody that I know is going to sneak up behind me Am-Vets and catch me looking at the used panties. I run into people that I know at Am-Vets all the time, so I'm terribly wary of such a thing happening. Yikes! Anyways...


Fun Facts About Girdles:

1. Until the late 60's most women regardless of body type wore shapers/girdles under their clothing to reign in the fat, cinch the waist, and hold up their stockings. It was not that women were entirely ashamed of their natural body fat, but it was considered too sexy to let the thigh and buttocks fat jiggle and "hang out". The wearing of girdles was thought of a sign of good grooming and modesty, kind of like bra-wearing is thought of today. An ungirdled woman looked slopy and perhaps even slutty.

2. Many professional ladies during the 1950's-60's were actually required to wear a girdle as part of their working uniform. Airline stewardesses, for instance, were not only required to wear one, but routinely checked by their supervisers to ensure that they were wearing one.

3. According to the unnamed webmistress at it is easy for the trained eye to tell if a woman is wearing a girlde or not. She writes:

"It must be difficult for people who came to adulthood in the period after girdles were widely worn to understand how easy it was to "tell" whether or not a woman was wearing a girdle. If you want to understand how people could tell whether or not a woman was wearing a girdle, simply look at any television show or film made before 1967 or so. The old sitcoms on Nick-at-Nite will do fine (e.g. Bewitched, I Dream of Jeannie, Patty Duke, etc.). All of the women on these shows (except for Jeannie in her harem costume) are wearing girdles. You can be sure of it. Notice that, particularly in the period 1962-66 (my adolescence), the straight skirts and shift dresses are quite close-fitting at the hips. Like all of the women at the time, the women who wear these clothes on these sitcoms have 1) very smooth and firm-looking hips; 2) virtually flat tummies; 3) a derriere that does not move and that appears to be a single, undivided entity. (The "monobuttock" look.) Their clothes are cut so that if their tummies were not flat, and if their derrieres were capable of umm, divided movement, you would certainly be able to tell. And back then, a moving and unsupported derriere was considered to be a sign of carelessness or lasciviousness...."

"Even if a woman wasn't wearing a straight skirt, it was possible for a carefully trained eye (and mothers at that time did have such eyes) to tell if she was wearing a girdle. Costumers for plays and films are aware of this. A woman wearing a girdle sits and walks in a particular way. (I saw an interview with a costumer recently in Vogue who defined it, as I recall, as a particularly "sweet" and alert way.) It's what used to be called "good posture" and it's difficult to describe, but easy to recognize. It's the reason why women in plays set from 1930-1967 don't look right unless they're wearing girdles. They don't slouch, they keep their backs straight, they sit down slowly, they never "flop." This too was particularly elegant and ladylike, but here again, I'm glad it's no longer required."

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For lovely ladies [06 Nov 2004|04:00am]

[ mood | geeky ]

Since the community info doesn't say anything against it, I just wanted to share this emerging group with everyone. Please take a look! :)

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[21 Oct 2004|09:11pm]

Mod dresses; Twiggy, Marc Bolan and Brigitte Bardot graphic t-shirts and We Who See Size 8 kitten Boots for sale on Ebay.


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[02 Oct 2004|05:46pm]

Brigitte Bardot T-Shirts now on sale on Ebay. I have some in a small size here and more in a medium size here . More sizes to come. Click over photo to go straight to auction.

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I'm oh so New! [24 Jul 2004|06:20pm]

[ mood | ditzy ]

Yup! I'm new. I've always love the 60s. What better way to end the perfect era, than with Woodstock!? Lurvely! Twiggy, clothes, music, Jeane Shrimpton, hippies, and just ANYTHING to do with the 1960s! Great! I've never liked my own generation that much, lol. My name is Molly by the way, and 14 (nearly 15).

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[13 Jun 2004|03:24pm]

mia farrow starred in the 60s classic horror film, directed by roman polanski, she played mrs rosemary woodhouse

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